Idyll is the second map created by Enderstripe. The first version (1'1) was released on January 4, 2019. The latest version is Idyll 1'2 and was released on 1/21/19. This features an improved basement, a viewing tower, a business building, and an urban garden. Unlike Garden of Eden aka GOE, this is not a small rural town, instead, it is an urban town.


The only dream the Idyll Mayor, Lidly, has is for Idyll to grow big. Lidly also wants to partner with GOE to populate the lonely town. She plans to do so by creating a connection between those two worlds, perhaps through the tunnel or a bridge over the ocean. She also wants to make a museum showcasing a unique world, Year.

Lidly's true intention remains unknown. This page will be updated once we gather more information.

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