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Ice Ramp

Ice Ramp is one of the most highly used blocks when creating worlds. Most users use the ice block to create ice slides/roller coasters. When a user goes over the Ice Ramp, It will move the user in the same direction as the Ramp Slope at the same velocity. These are not naturally found and can NOT be burned


1.414 x 1.414 block using ice ramps


The Ice Ramp block is commonly used for/as: Ice rinks, Slides, roller coasters, and roads. It's also used for slides, as it projects the Avatar into the air to another location, and the velocity downwards is also quick. For, roads, it is used to turn the Avatar, as it keeps momentum, and has been progammed to turn the player according to the path.


  • Ice does not work upside down, it just glitches out.
  • Ice does not use the same physics as it does in real life as it does in Eden.
  • Ice ramps can be used for fast traveling up and down hills
  • If a block of ice is placed underneath a different block then it causes graphical glitches.
  • Post update 2.0, when you travel through a portal, you will come out of it with the same speed you had when you went ito it, meaning you can put portals in ice slides and keep the same speed.
Ice glitches

A few ice glitches.