The Ice block is one of the most used blocks in Eden. Ice has the effect of acceleration (e.g. when you move on it, you continue to move and your velocity grows, handsfree). It is often used as a material in building slides, especially in its triangle form. These blocks are not naturally found, and cannot be burned. You would think ice would be used as decoration for a winter-themed or snowy area, but it is commonly used for roller coasters and usually nothing else.


The Ice block can be used for/ as: ice rinks, Winter themed Worlds, means of transportation, Roller coasters, and slides and for the Human Cannonball. When holding the Joystick, the Avatar speeds up, and if an Ice Ramp is present, the momentum will carry the Avatar from there. This block is extremely popular when building slides or roller coasters because it is usually handsfree, and the speed is similar to a roller coasters. Another popular use for this block is as a road, or a method of transportation. An Ice rink is common for this block, as it functions in a structure it blends well with.


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