Hogwarts By Brendan

The View Of Hogwarts From The Walkway

Hogwarts By Brendan was released on Wednesday, May 16, 2012. The map is made up of Hogwarts Castle, Hogwarts Grounds, Hogsmede, Diogon Alley, Various Buildings, The Burrow, Gringotts Bank, The Ministry of Magic, A Railway Station and a re-created 'Epic House By Brendan!'


Hogwarts By Brendan was uploaded for the first time on Wednesday, May 16, 2012, It began construction on March 7, 2012, making the construction time 3 months and 8 days, although much of the time was painting all of the blocks.

Version Features Uploded
V1 The Castle was released with no more than just the castle and the grounds. Yes
V2 Passage Ways started to be created Hogsmede begun construction, The Station was completed first, housing a cannon to get to the Minirtry. Yes
V3 The Room Of Requirment was added, also the Minirtry Begun Construction Yes
V4 Hagrids Hut was re-designed to fit in with the other buildings and more secret passages were built. Yes
V5 A small island apeared in the black lake. (the lake, in question, is the one that Dumbledore is buried on in the movies) Yes
V6 Cretures added as Statues around Hogwarts, also the enterance to The Room Of Requirment was changed to the herbology corridor, also several hall ways were added around the room. Also, a big mansion has bugun construction Yes
V7 Several buildings are built near the Minirtry, Including; The Burrow, Epic House By Brendan, The Leaky Cauldren, Diagon Alley. The big mansion has finished construction, the astronamy tower roof has changed, the grand staircase tower has been slightly modified and a viaduct connecting the viaduct courtyard to the Defence against the dark arts corridore is added. Yes
V8 The training grounds courtyard has been re-designed, the viaduct and walkway has been consturcted and a track has been layed from Hogwarts to the town. Yes
V9 Fire places are planed to have portals in them, (to simulate flu powder), Platform 9 3/4 will have a portal in it.


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