Health where you can die was introduced in Update 2.0 while a simple "hurt" screen was introduced in 1.7. When you get hurt, the screen of your device turns red for a brief moment. You can get hurt by touching lava, being attacked by an angry creature, or being close to TNT when it explodes. Pre 2.0, this only serves an aesthetic purpose. However, following 2.0, health where you can die is toggleable.

When you get hurt, the avatar is knocked backwards a bit.


  • Currently, only lava, TNT, and angered creatures can "harm" the user. The user is invincible to everything else unless Health is on.
  • When you die post-2.0, your screen will go black and you will respawn at your home point or the spot where you first spawned in the world.
  • Stalker, Charger, and Lava can kill you when Health is on. The player does not take fall damage or explosion damage from blocks like TNT.
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