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About Hardcore Parkour

Hardcore Parkour is a large parkour map that requires strategy and parkour skill. It will most likely be challenging for new Eden players. I have worked EXTREMELY hard on this, so please take the time to play it. 


Here is the list of the current and upcoming levels in Hardore Parkour.

Level 1- Classic Parkour EASY This is based on the parkour maps uploaded minutely. It is easy, but it can be challenging at times.
Level 2- Ice Ice Baby HARD Only about 10 blocks, with a 1 block gap in between each block. Sounds easy right? - Wrong. You will be on slippery ice the whole time.
Level 3- Slip n Slide MEDIUM Make it to the top of the hole by jumping from water block to water block. Make sure you don't slide.
Level 4- Goodbye World VERY HARD Do a long jump from the board to the block without landing in the lava.
Level 5- Bounce Around HARD Escape the hole by jumping from trampoline to trampoline.
BONUS 1- Boot Camp EASY A simple parkour map for new players.

Level 6- Roof Jumping 101

HARD Jump from ramp to ramp to the end of this mindblowing puzzle.
Level 7- Marble Mayhem EASY Jump from marble block to marble block in a classic parkour adventure
Level 8- Burn Baby Burn! MEDIUM

Jump from lava to lava.


Level 9- Leaf Blower MEDIUM Jump from leaf to leaf
Level 10- Frosty Fun HARD Jump from slide to slide
Bonus 2- Stilt Jumper MEDIUM Jump from stilt to stilt
Level 11- Ninja Jumping 101 MEDIUM Learn To Double Jump

Quotes and Awards

12-24-12- "I'm not gonna lie, I'm really good at parkour, but your world was really hard. Thumbs up, I flagged it as staff favorite." '-BNM786

12-25-12- Added to Eden Wiki Staff Favorite list along with Welcome To Eden and The Hidden Galaxy.

12-30-12- "I'm ready to through my ipod out the window!" -Nleo123

12-31-12- "OMG! HARDCORE PARKOUR IS TOO HARD!" -Timeman007

1-17-13- Eden Wiki's Featured World with this article: This is a super hard parkour by Dblcut3. If you complete it in one try you are probably God.

2-21-13- Bnm786 and Sillyputty join VIP.

3-20-13 MegaMCAlly joins VIP.

News and Rules

Advertising Your World:

I am now allowing anyone to advertise their worlds. Here is what I have so far for signs:

  • Visit Hardcore Parkour On The Eden Wiki
  • Join The Eden Wiki
  • Try Softcore Parkour
  • Try Village With Fort


-Version 4 Trailer

-Version 5 Trailer (Coming Soon)


Hardcore Parkour V4 Trailer


  1. No placing blocks.
  2. No deleting/destroying blocks.
  3. No mods or hacks.
  4. Set home at every home logo.
  5. No plagiarism.
  6. Have fun!

VIP Membership

Do you really like this map? Well, become a VIP for free! With VIP status you can do these things:

  • Get e-mail notifications when a new update comes
  • Make your own level
  • Get access to the VIP Spleef and Parkour room (UNFINISHED)

To become a VIP just send me a message on my wall!

VIP Member List:

  • Sillyputty
  • Bnm786 
  • Astroaron
  • MegaMCAlly