Half blocks 3

The half blocks were hidden, but I circled them for an easier time looking for the new blocks

Half Blocks are blocks that were confirmed to be one of the new block types to be added in Eden Update 2.0 (formally known as 1.8). Half blocks were cancelled due to various technical difficulties. These blocks were simply blocks that are the same length and width, but are half the height of a regular block.

These would have been easily used as decorations or as porches and would possibly have commonly been used to be more precise when building. These could have also add to the look of a castle or for stairs. It is unknown if you need to jump up to get up these blocks or just move up them to go up them like a staircase (which could also be a possible use for them if the latter is true). Half Blocks can also be useful for details on a house or building. Along with Half Blocks are Big Blocks, which is the same as 8 regular block, and small blocks, 8 of which would create a regular sized block,


  • In the picture although hard to find, you can spot about six Half Blocks.
  • In order to ship the update earlier, Ari said on his facebook page that he had to cut out the half blocks, possibly coming in a later update.
  • Half blocks can be used for pretty much anything except the Door and the Portal.
  • Along with Half Blocks, larger and smaller blocks were slated to arrive as well, but didn't make it in Update 2.0.
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