Glass is a transparent block that was updated in Ver. 1.5. Before that, it was not translucent, thus earning itself the nickname of "the stripe block". Glass is used to make windows and build transparent objects.


  • Glass is one of three transparent blocks in Eden. The others are Fence (which is only see through in certain areas) and Water.
  • Glass has an animation capibility since it has different frames just like lava, water and fence, but it remains stagnant. Each side has a slightly different 'frame.'
  • Glass has gone over three major changes: the original being opaque, then transparent, and finally HD.
  • Glass is most noticeably transparent when painted dark gray.
  • Glass is used for windows, glass buildings, and more.
  • There are glitches where, if water, fence or lava are adjacent to it, it appears invisible, which is due to a rendering glitch.
  • In older Versions of Eden, glass was opaque, instead of transparent.


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