Garden of Eden is the first map created by Enderstripe. The first version (1'1) was released on March 11, 2018, and it made to the featured list. The latest version which was released on 7/13/19 was GOE 2'4.

The 2’4 update has tweaked lights and roads, giving it more contrast. The Infinity Tunnel entrance is complete. The ice rink is bigger and more modernized to match the Infinity Tunnel‘s redesign. The abandoned Blueflowers Lab crater is covered.

Garden of Eden is a small rural town in the middle of nowhere, focused mostly on nature. There is a huge underground tunnel called Infinity Tunnel, which was one of the first builds in Garden of Eden, and on most versions, the home spawn point is at the entrance in the tunnel.

The next three major projects, GOE Dust v1, GOE Infinity v3 and GOE Ice v4, will come out by Summer 2020.

The Dust v1 update is a general clean up of the entire map.

The Infinity v3 will have a finished redesign of the tunnel. It will be slightly longer too.

The Ice v4 will further change the ice rink to make it into a sport stadium.

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