Small floating island

This is a small floating island glitch. This particular one consists of 4 blocks.

Floating Islands are somewhat rare glitches in the Eden World Builder world generator that are so far only known to appear in normal worlds, and, more common above stone areas. Floating Islands can be a variety of different sizes from one or two blocks to over a couple dozen (which is very rare). They tend to generally float about 4-5 blocks off the ground and are, when found, usually only a few blocks wide (2-4). These aren't found often, but can be cool and fun to play with, usually to show off to someone. Some people don't find these in their worlds because they either don't explore/keep cultivating the same areas or just can't find them, but you can make your own if you wouldn't like to search for them.
Large floating island

This is a larger floating island. This one consists of about 30 blocks and is the rarest type.


"Floating Islands" isn't huge topic in the Eden community, but for the purposes of the wiki, these are unofficial classifications:


Structure Type

  • Normal: Just appears to be a Floating Island
  • Chain: Rare, but when this happens, there are multiple seperate islands floating near each other.
  • Land Bridge: The Island looks like it would have been a part of a land bridge if it were connected to the other overhangs surrounding it.

Size Type

  • Small: 1-5
  • Average: 6-11
  • Large: 12+

Depth Type

Islands have usually only one layer about them, but rarely, it an island is large enough, there will be a small area where it could be up to 4 blocks deep. The deepest so far recorded is 4 deep, with a tree.

Deep Floating Island

A deep floating island


  • These structures only contain surface materials: Grass, Flowers, and Weeds, rarely along with Dirt. Occasionally, a tree may spawn... Again, a very rare happening.
  • Areas on floating Islands are usually one block high, and consist of Grass, Flowers, and Weeds, but you can rarely find a Dirt block underneath one layer, making that specific spot two layers deep.
  • You can make your own floating islands by making a small tower with any block, then cutting off all the blocks except the top layer of blocks.
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