A pillar showing the layers of a flat world

The layers of a flat world


Flat worlds allow for more opportunity for larger structures

Flat Worlds were a feature added in 1.5.2. The terrain generator makes the world completely flat. Flat Worlds dont have any variation to the terrain or any clouds in the sky. There are glitches in a flatworld, and one such glitch is platforms that are not uniform. The Flat World is useful for building large cities, and for catching Creatures!


  • Grass: 1 block deep
  • Dirt: 16 blocks deep
  • Stone: 25 blocks deep
  • Bedrock: 1 block deep

Uses for a Flat World

Flat worlds are primarily used for creating large structures, like large buildings, temples, roller coasters, or large, extensive worlds with little terrain needed to be moved, like on a normal world. This allows for much more opportunity and freedom for creating a world from the ground up. Many "add games" are played on flat worlds, where you have to add a block for a vote or a fortress for a war.


  • Many Popular Worlds are built in Flat World Mode.
  • Flat Worlds are also used for "chatting" in which users have their name at the start of the world name and the rest is the message. It is highly annoying and makes it hard for players to find an actual world in the Date section.
  • If you walk far enough, you may come across a slightly raised platform, a block above the regular height. This is a glitch, however. But is hard to notice unless you walk straight into it.
  • It is simlar to the Flat world in minecraft but there are naturaly spawning villages recideing them
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