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[[File:17CDBB5E-C2B4-4132-AB54-8E577A8847DC.jpeg|thumb|right|200px|The flag of The Garden of Eden]]
[[File:17CDBB5E-C2B4-4132-AB54-8E577A8847DC.jpeg|thumb|right|200px|The flag of The Garden of Eden]]
{{Main|Garden of Eden}}
{{Main|Garden of Eden}}
Garden of Eden is a map created by Enderstripe. The first version (1'1) was released on March 11, 2018 and it made to the featured list. The lastest version which was released 10/21/18 was Garden Of Eden 1’8.
Garden of Eden is a map created by Enderstripe.

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Olympic MetropolisEdit

World flags - parliament of OM

World flags at the parliament of Olympic Metropolis

Main article: Olympic Metropolis

Ocean ShoresEdit

Ocean Shores Flag

The flag of Ocean Shores

Main article: Ocean Shores

MB CityEdit

MB City Flag

The flag of MB City

Main article: MB City

MB City is an under-development world created in 2012 by Martin L.

MB City does not welcome population yet, because it does not have needed infrastructures to welcome people.

The builder decided to take a temporary pause because of his lack of imagination, that makes building boring to him, and the exam at the end of his school year. However, he did not pause Eden, he is still visiting other's worlds and he started a world with Enderstripe, called Blueflower Lab.

Garden of EdenEdit


The flag of The Garden of Eden

Main article: Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden is a map created by Enderstripe.



The flag of Frabanta with its symbol: A sailboat, airplane and technology

Main article: Frabanta City

The flag of Frabanta was made along with Frabanta representations and characteristics, having like this a flag with colors: Turquoise: represents the water and the actual peace this city has, represents also union. IMG 3860 Green: represents nature, looking forward to a green city

Orange: represents sacrifices and power

This flag has also a simble inside the flag, this symbol is a sailboat(represents transportation in which more people came in the past to Frabanta), an airplane(transportation which led to more development), point with lines in X form(MIDO logo, represents technology as it has helped the city to be greener).

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