Fireworks are confirmed to come in the Eden 2.0 Update and will work like TNT. You will have the fireworks, light them onfire (similar to TNT as stated before), and they will shoot up into the sky, resembling fireworks as in the picture to the right. Fireworks may explode at the height limit, given the look in the image.


  • Fireworks may possibly be any color you want them to be, or they may simply be red and white as in the picture.
  • Fireworks may rain down something like the result of pickaxing a block.
  • Fireworks come in a wooden block that looks like TNT, but when you set fire to the wooden block, it sends up fireworks.
  • It is unknown the quantity of how many fireworks are in a block, or what colors they are or can be, but some speculate that you could color the block prior to launching.
  • It is the first block that causes a visible explosion
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