Fire is the top icon in the controls, and is used to burn flammable blocks. (only certain materials can be burned: fences, foliage (leaves), ladders, TNT, tree trunks, and wooden planks and wood ramp )

Wood Block on fire.


  • Sick of trees? Burn them away!
  • Feeling explosive? Blow your friend's map to kingdom come with TNT .
  • Need to get rid of all those wooden planks, but you're too lazy to do anything? Simply tap one with fire, and in a minute, its all gone!
  • Often, you are building a floating structure, and chances are, you are gonna fall down. so, build a pillar of wood to the top, with you on it, and set it on fire when you are back up!


  • Grass is not flammable, despite its natural feel and look.
  • If a large enough structure is lit on fire, the flame will eventually burn out so as to not completely destroy the structure. This is mainly to counter-act an accidental fire.
  • You can't light yourself on fire and be hurt by standing on an "on fire" block or lighting the block under you on fire.
  • If you exit the game while some blocks are on fire, and you go back in, the blocks on fire will be darker as if they were on fire, but the fire won't spread and destroy blocks.
  • There is a glitch where if you put something on fire then go past a loading screen while the structure is still on fire, the blocks will be dark for a few seconds, then disappear. When the blocks are dark you can still hear the fire crackling but not see it burn the structure.
  • Occasionally, not all blocks will burn on a tree, due to the burning pattern.
  • It is also possible to light creatures on fire... they will go to the nearest source of water.
  • There is a possible new icon designed for this tool in the upcoming 2.0 update. It appears as more of a single flame, rather than a bonfire.
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