Special Feature

Burns (Flammable) Blocks




8 seconds per Block

First Appearance

Version 1.0

Fire is the top icon in the controls, and is used to burn flammable blocks. (only certain materials can be burned: fences, foliage (leaves), ladders, TNT, tree trunkswooden planks, Wooden Planks Ramp, Fireworks, and doors). Fire will also kill Creatures in a matter of about 10 seconds unless the creature jumps in Water.


  • Grass is not flammable, despite its natural feel and look.
  • Large structures cannot be burnt by a single flame.  Eden's engine can't handle the timing of too many blocks on fire simultaniously, and as a result the blocks simply stop lighting the next blocks, ending the chain reaction.
  • You can't light yourself on fire and be hurt by standing on an "on fire" block or lighting the block under you on fire.
  • If you exit the game while some blocks are on fire, and you go back in, the blocks on fire will be darker as if they were on fire, but the fire won't spread and destroy blocks.
  • There is a glitch where if you put something on fire then go past a loading screen while the structure is still on fire, the blocks will be dark for a few seconds, then disappear. When the blocks are dark you can still hear the fire crackling but not see it burn the structure.
  • Occasionally, not all blocks will burn on a tree, due to the burning pattern.
  • It is also possible to light creatures on fire... they will go to the nearest source of water.
  • In version 2.0, fire had its animation redone for the third time.
  • If you load a new chunk while something is burning, the burning part will stop burning and remain darker as if it were still burning.  You can walk through these blocks.  Also any blocks behind the "burnt" blocks will be transparent while you're inside the block.  You can use this to "x-ray" the ground by digging a hole two blocks down and filling them with wood, burning them, and quickly loading a new chunk while they're still burning.
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