Elysian city is a utopic themed city currently in progress.  It currently features several skyscrapers and a highway. The current name of the world is: Elysium and Tartarus by AJ v3

It is the second best rated city at the U.C.E. list , with 96,39 / 100 , right between Olympic Metropolis .

About the Elysium and Tartarus

The idea is that several years into the future, on an alien planet, the city Elysium was built for the weathy people of the new planets small population.  These people serve as the ambassadors of the human race.  A second half of the city, Tartarus as called by the humans, has begun construction for the wealthy people of the native alien race.

The city is named after the Elysian Fields (Elysium) in Greek mythology.  The Elysian Fields was a place for the especially distinguished. The souls that dwelled there had an easy afterlife and had no labors. Usually, those who had proximity to the gods were granted admission, rather than those who were especially righteous or had ethical merit.  Normal people who lived righteous and virtuous lives could also gain entrance.


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