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El Santoga

This city is built from nothing, non-world manipulated, or tampered with in any way.

The FAQ’s And History Timeline:

  • The city is also founded in 1867 by a friend of George Aston, Ed Winston. The Spanish people were the first settlers, but were taken over by the British, Mr. Ed.
  • In 1954, the first regional governor was elected to El Santogan region, Jeremy Foster.
  • In 1963 SantoganAir is founded because the three main cities and their regions came together to form Santoga.
  • In 1967, the second regional governor, Howard Conle. He is the governor who creates the Santogan Defense Force from a conference at Olympic Metropolis.
  • 1973: The governor encourages the other governors in Santoga to ’go green’.
  • The Eden Cold War featuring Two Titans and PMB brought riots and hippies to stop the war. It took the government one year to suppress these riots because they had destroyed many homes and businesses.
  • 1981: The country recovers from the riots.

Areas of El Santoga:

The city expands north and west. The city is in five areas; Northern, Northwestern, southern, far southern, and airport Santoga. The El Santoga docks are far west.


The northern area consists of mostly high-rise apartments and Santogan WaterFun park. The only access point is the ’Docks Highway’ or highway 1. Highway 2 is short, but leads to the airport Santoga cargo hub.

A photo of the Northern area.


The northwestern area consists of smaller apartments and housing. It is the only area with more than two attractions; the Jeremy Foster Building for Tech and Art, ‘The Aston Air MD-90’ reg. T222AS, and the Criss bridge.

‘The Aston Air MD-90’ on display at the Overhead Plane- spotting Location in front of runway 27C.


The southern area consists of small houses.

Far Southern...

‘The business Area’ as it is known, consists of the highest towers and the notorious ‘COOL Corp. tower’ and the capitol building. Some housing, mainly luxury.

Airport Santoga...

The El Santoga airport (SOA) has its own area. The airport has two terminals 6 passenger spaces, 8 cargo spaces, one repair hangar, one building hangar, one SOADF hangar, 3 SODAF spaces, and 3 storage spaces.

Rare Airport Visitors...

Antonov An-124 reg. UR-82073 (as seen at the cargo hub).

’The Two Antonovs’

Antonov An-22, but SantoganAir Cargo reg T907SU. Based at Krit City airport, comes every 5 months after serving other countries and airports.

Here are two rare visitors that rarely visit Santoga, maybe once every 6 months. Even the SantoganAir Cargo An-22 comes to El Santoga rarely! The An-124 UR-82073 (Antonov design Bureau) is the only An-124 that visits El Santoga, but every 6 months to bring any super-oversized cargo.

Air and Sea Defense Force Based Here:

SOADF SOA inventory...

  • KC-10 Extender; 1 Note: not in service
  • KC-135R; 1
  • Boeing 707-320 AWACS; 1
  • Boeing C-17 Globemaster lll; 1 Note: flies relief flights
  • L-60C AWACS; 1 Note: Flies recon missions

SOSDF SO Docks inventory...

  • Alooma Class Amphibious landing carrier; 1
  • Kristiv Class light destroyer; 1
  • Blue Night light submarine; 1

Transportation and El Santoga Docks:

The El Santoga Docks...

El Santoga can’t just get its goods from aero-planes, so the El Santoga docks were constructed. The dock works because the ships unload at one part of the dock, then move to the loading location, then to the refueling location. This is how traffic at the docks is controlled.

Everyday Transportation...

Every car in the Santogan Nation is actually scooters. Public transit is just a longer scooter, delivery trucks are scooters with containers, and cars are regular eco-friendly scooters.

Where Should you Stay if you are a Visitor?


The Sun Hotel is a 4-star hotel shaped like a crescent. This hotel is affordable, but the services are more than you expect!

The Sun Hotel is the best hotel in Santoga, rooms sell out fast, so book soon for the best El Santogan experience!

The West-Wing...

The West-Wing of the hotel is the luxury wing of the hotel, but sells out very fast. So book your room as soon as possible!

The East-Wing...

The East-Wing of the hotel is regular, but still the best in its class!

The Sun Luxury Eatery...

Though under the 1st floor, the Sun Luxury Eatery is the best eatery is in El Santoga, yes you just read, it is the best! We have a huge selection of different foods! Come soon!

The highest quality food at the Sun Luxury Eatery!

The Future...

What does El Santoga’s Future look like!?

I (the builder) will always try to fix major and minor issues and details to my worlds. Currently on its 9th official version, El Santoga will continue to be updated. Version 10 will be out soon!

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