Edgest city is a city built in Eden. The world is not based off of a real city.

The airplanes in edgest are part of the Swissfly alliance.

Current released version is v16'2

I will next describe a day in the world:

You wake up and you see a airport in front of you. You decided to go down the road and you come to and intersection and you decide to keep going straight and you come across an amusement park. When you go back on the road their are fields of crop on you left. Continuing down the road you come across a subway station and random building and a parkade you head in the direction of the stadium and you see a picnic area and a gas station. You eye then catches two tall sky scrapers. After exploring you go back to the airport and over a bridge onto an island which you think is surrounded by water you then go through a tunnel and come across a sand biome. You then cross the water a come to what I like to call an no roof restaurant. After you eat your day is done and you head to the hotel and fall asleep.

I am hard at at work adding:

-bigger airport

-interior of the hotel

-subway Improvement

-and much more

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