Edencraft is a world that was created in 2013 and is constantly updated. It contains many allusions, such as its name, and others to the game Minecraft. These are, for example, plantations, villages, cavesystems, and other elements of the Eden-like game Minecraft (or, where appropriate, the other way around), remember built by the creator to find.

Edencraft isn't a community project. It is just a world to explore and discover. 

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!!!(Currently, the project has been stopped, cause the world generator damaged most parts of the world itself. We still try to find a solution for this)!!!


Compared to other worlds Edencraft gets updated constantly. Your so-called "versions", may contain enlargements of the world, buildings, cavesystems, easter eggs [. . .]. Even simple fixes for bugs or other defects in the game world include.

An uploaded version (so far just pre-alpha-release versions) contains the actual process of the world.

Before the Eden update 2.0 the worlds were uploaded as "updates" (example for a world's name: Edencraft update 27'13), but since the 2.0 update the worlds are uploaded as "versions" (example for a world's name: Edencraft v27'13). But even that will change with the release of the biggest version of Edencraft from: Edencraft v69 (like the example) to: Edencraft v0'69 (pre-alpha-release). The reason for this is, that the world is currently not ready to get explored, because the wolrd is not as far as "Edencraft: The Story" is. The problem is that both, the world and the story have to contain the same information and same process -> They need to get synced before they can be released.

By now it is not sure when Edencraft v1'0 (full version) will get uploaded/is ready to get uploaded.

The envisaged date is unknown (for both, the story and the fist full version of the world).

Edencraft v0'69

The next version of the world, Edencraft v0'69, will probably be the biggest update of the world of all time. Not just because it will be the fist version after the Eden 2.0/2.1 update. The version 0'69 will contain a complete revision with lights and doors, the discoverable village will be more than 6-7 times bigger, most of the rivers will have been revised (except the "Big Stone Rivers") so they look like more realistic, . . .. 

So far it took one year to get 50%, probably less than this done

Edencraft: The Story

The story is in progress and will be added as soon as possible. The envisaged date is unknwon (for both, the story and the first full version of the world)

More Informations

For more information about the world, the creator and other worlds go on this link:


This picture speaks for itself.

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A small part of the world (this picture is not up to date)

IMG 2975

Even a litle part of the Nether can be found and entered through this portal.

IMG 2979

New with the latest version: a giant hedge wich makes the difference between inside and outside. Safety and danger. (More will be explained with the upcoming story)

IMG 2982

Even self-created cavesystems can be discovered and explored.

IMG 2987

The forsaken and nearly untroddened village. It is actually still in progress. (More will be explained with the upcoming story)

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