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{{HeadingC|'''Come [[User blog:Bnm786/RUS, Buerocrats, and everything|to here]], and discuss about the staff, we need your weigh in!}}
{{HeadingC|'''Come [[User blog:Bnm786/RUS, Buerocrats, and everything|to here]], and discuss about the staff, we need your weigh in!}}
{{HeadingC|'''[[User:Cin316|CIN]] IS BACK!!!!!!!!!'''}}
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Come to here, and discuss about the staff, we need your weigh in!


Welcome to the Eden-World Builder Wiki! We’re a collaborative community website about Eden - World Builder that anyone, including you, can edit!
We currently have
220 articles
and 18 users since creation on April 28, 2011.

About Eden

This wiki is about Eden World Builder, a block-based building game for the iPod, iPad, and iPhone, where you can build amazing worlds and share them. This game was created by an Ari Ronen, and now by Kingly Software Inc, better known as Kingly Games. It has become a very popular amongst iOS users, and since its release, has risen to the top 100 of the App Stores charts.

Note: The Eden World Builder Wiki is not affiliated with Kingly Games, nor develops any aspect of Eden - World Builder.

Rules and Regulations of EWBW

Because of recent problems with certain users' behaviour, the admins have decided to create guidelines for users to obey.

1.) Spamming and Griefing
Spamming is not tolerated on EWBW, and admins/sysops will give you a one day ban from the wiki. Further griefing/spamming will result in a one month ban, and further disruptions will result in permanent blocking, unless an admin personally removes the ban.

2.) Chat Guidelines

a.) Refrain from vulgar language
b.) Do not spam the chat room (above).

Refusing to obey will result in a 1 day ban, via chat mod, sysop, or admin.

3.) Abuse of Messaging and Intimidation
Any form of verbal abuse and intimidation will result in a warning. 3 warnings result in a 1 week ban, followed by a 1 month ban if behaviour continues.

4.) Becoming an Admin
If you feel that you would like to become an admin on EWBW, and you complete the criteria below, contact Rainbowunicornsniper or Cin316, the sysops/admins.
To become an admin, you must complete the following criteria:

a.) Have obtained at least 700 points.
b.) Have become User of the Biweek.
c.) Have a approval from three of the current admins: X-145, Oscar1444, or Trolling the World.

Thank you for reading the rules and regulations.

Posting Your World

We encourage users to post a page on their world, but you must check in with the one of the admins first. You must first contact Cin316, RUS, Oscar1444, X-145, or Trolling The World on their message board by giving them the name and a brief description. After that, the Admin you contacted will check your world over and give you the word to start creating your world's page! Any World page created without permission will be taken down by an admin and the user will be notified that he/she will need to check in with the admins before posting it again.

Community Message Board

Great news everyone! We have made a nice deal with the Backfilp studios Wiki Admins to advertise each other's wikis! We have added a new section to the Font Page called' "Other Wikis to See." They have added a link to our pages as well. Check them out! Also, to any other Admins to other Wikis out there, feel free to contact Me, Oscar1444, RUS, TTW, or Cin316 to ask to have your wiki featured in the section and vise-versa.
X-145 (talk) 13:41, September 29, 2012 (UTC)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Hey guys, sorry for not visiting much. My parents are monitering everything i do until maybe about october-ish, so i can only come on briefly.

Hey guys, it's X. I have been busy lately but now I am making more time for the wiki! Count on more edits from me from now on.
X-145 (talk) 20:50, September 25, 2012 (UTC)

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