Template:Infobox/game Eden World Builder is a block-based building game for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch[1] , where you can build amazing worlds and share them. This game was created by an Ari Ronen, and now by Kingly Software Inc, better known as Kingly Games. It has become a very popular amongst iOS users, and since its release, has risen to the top 50 of the App Stores charts.

In the game, the player controls an avatar, that can freely roam a "Normal World", or a "Flat World", upon creating one in the menu. The player can also destroy blocks with a pickaxe, burn certain flammable blocks, Painting blocks, and interact certain blocks, such as the Ladder or Vines, to explore the game.

At the start of the game, once the player chooses a world type, will enter a "World", or generated map, made entirely out of Blocks. The user can then build buildings, artwork, creations, objects, structures, vehicles, and anything else that can be thought of.

The "Normal World" is made up of Grass, Flower, Weeds, Stone, Dirt, Wood, Bedrock and Leaves The "Flat World" is only make up of Grass, Dirt, Stone, and Bedrock.



One of the major features in Eden are the Blocks. Which allow the user to build anything they can think of. Blocks are the most majorly important feature and the most prominant feature in Eden.


Creatures are small sprites that players can interact with. Should the player damage a creature using the Pickaxe, it can either become aggresive and attack the player, flee, or remain where it lands (the impact of a hit from or to a creature propels the one that was hit off of the ground and backwards two or so block side-length units). If it hits the player, become captured and then released, or chases the player for a while, it will return to neutrality. There are currently five species of creatures featured in the game. Two more are confirmed to be added to the game once it is updated.


Tools are features in Eden which assist the user in manipulating and controlling the world in which they play.

Tools in Eden - World Builder
PickaxeFireBlock SelectorPaintingJoystickJumpUser Interface

Update 2.0

See the page Update 2.0 or Version History for the full article.
Update 2.0 was the highly anticipated Eden - World Builder update announced in 2012 and finally released February 16, 2015. It came with a slew of new features and greatly changed the game.



  • Eden is a very popular game for iOS Devices and usually ranks within the top 25-45
  • There is a possibility of Eden being released for Android.
  • The name "Eden" is likely derived from the Garden of Eden[2], which is described as a heavenly place from Judaeo-Christian traditions.
  • Eden is a fully 3D simulated game, meaning it can drain battery quickly and heat your iDevice up. It is reccomended to play Eden with either a fully charged iDevice or a charging iDevice.
  • Eden seems to be inspired by Minecraft.
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