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This world is a world that users of the Wiki contribute to. The project is projected to be headed by the Editors League, but anyone can edit it. You must ask permission to edit due to organization reasons. The world's current name is EWBWCollabHQ, which stands for "Eden World Builder World Collaberative Headquarters." The name is subject to change.

The World Itself

The world was created on a Flat World template. This world has no rhyme or reason, but simply whatever creation a contributer decides to put into it. The current world (EWBWCollabHQ) is the suggested world to be used to begin the collaboration on, though this could change.


Users are listed Alphabetically.



Once organization is set up, requests will be directed elsewhere, but for now, all requests to join will be submited to either the Editors League/ Collab World or the Create an Eden Wiki Collaberative World blogs.


It is expected that by July, organization will be completed (or at least have been through a lot of progress). As of right now, nothing is concrete, but the general idea of how this world will be organized is listed below:

  • Every contributing user will take shifts on when they will edit (most likely weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or other shift intervals.)
  • There will be guidelines for the contributers to follow. These guidelines (Rules) are being drawn out and some are already agreed on.
  • As of right now, no one is heading the project, though some could argue that the original 3 contributers (Oscar1444, TimeMan007, and X-145) are the temporary heads of the project until organization is complete. The project will most likely be headed by the Editors League or the Admins of the wiki themselves.

Please note that these bullets are what is most likely to happen, but are completely subject to change.

Rules of the Collaberative World

  • Until organization of the project is complete, you can add or change rules (if you are an official contributer) that you feel are fit. After organization is completed, rule changes will undergo an official process.
  1. You can't build on the world if it isn't your turn.
  2. You can't destroy or edit a creation that is not yours unless its creator gives you permission.
  3. No vulgar language can be written.
  4. You can't change the name of the world upon uploading unless it is stating the version or the community agrees to a name change.
  5. You must ask for permission to join the collab project before posting.
  6. When you feel that you are done creating and editing whatever you are doing, you can take an arial shot of the world for an updated preview picture, but it must include other creations, not just your own, and must be from the air so you can capture more in the picture.
  7. When it is your turn to build on the world, you may only build one structure.

More rules will be created or removed by collaberators in the future. Feel free to change a rule or add new ones that you feel should be there.

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