Over the years, the Eden World Builder community has been active on a variety of different platforms. Additionally, several fan-made website have been made for the game. This list is meant to document some of these websites, most of which are no longer online.

Eden Central

Eden Central is the first known community website for Eden World Builder. Not much is known about it today, and it is unclear if any community members from that era are still active. The website was a basic forums style website in which users discussed various aspects of the game. It shut down sometime in 2011 or 2012 and most of its users migrated to the Eden Wiki.

Eden Wiki

Eden Forums

Eden forums

A screenshot of the Eden Forums from 2016 (Source: Wayback Machine)

The Eden Forums was an official website run by Ari Ronen of Kingly Games. The forums were meant to discuss all things related to Eden World Builder. The website existed for several years as it was founded in 2013 and existed until 2017 when the community moved to Discord. The website remained online until 2019 when it was taken down due to inactivity. The forums had five categories: Eden General, Worlds, Suggestions and Feature Requests, Support and Bug Reports, and Anything Goes. Many users had a thread for their world in which they would post updates and allow people to discuss the world. Forum games and random discussions were also popular in the Anything Goes section. Many consider the Eden Forums to be the golden age of the Eden Community, as it likely was the Eden website with the largest amount of active users. However, by 2017, the forums did not have many active users left, and many questioned whether the Eden community would even continue to exist. The switch from the forums to Discord would prove to be successful in reviving the community. 



A screenshot of EdenFans from 2016 (Source: Wayback Machine)

EdenFans was a popular Eden World Builder website owned by community member Boa49, who was known for many worlds including ILLuSioN World and Mario's Castle. EdenFans was known for showcasing guides, tips and tricks, glitches, worlds, and more. It did not include any discussion features. Thanks to the Wayback Machine, you can still browse some of the pages on this website with this link.

Eden Elite

Mrob's Eden World Builder Site

Eden Discord Servers

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