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Creator: Oscar1444
Released: August 22, 2012
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Theme: Multiple
Version(s): 11
Updated release: April 1, 2013
Disneyland is a world created to replicate the theme park of the same name.


Entrance and Main Street U.S.A

The Entrance

The parks entrance is replicated to resemble that of the park it is based off of. It features the iconic Mickey Mouse logo in the front garden, and the booths are aligned with it as well.

Main Street Station

The Main Street Station is the first station in the park where the player can "board the train", though in order to ride it, the user must abandon the train and ride the track.

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

The building represents the attraction on Main Street, though no interior is built (yet).

Disney Showcase

The Disney Showcase was built to a stretch due to building error, though the design is accurate. There is no interior to this shop either (yet).

Main Street Cinema

The Cinema is both inacurrate and accurate. The paint job has been re-done after time, so this is the only variable in making it exactly accurate. There is no interior (yet).


Would you like to see California Adventure when Disneyland's completed?

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Version History

Update Features Preview Released
1 Half-finished entrance  Disneyland P1 8-22-12
2 Main Street Station partially built
3 Main Street Station built
4 Trees added; Main Street underway
5 Re-colored;Main Street partially built
6 additions to Main Street 
7 additions to Main Street

Added stores in front of park

9 ?


  • The stroller rental shop has an easter egg behind the tree.
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