Dirt is a common block that is found from under the top layer of grass down until stone. It appears naturally in both kinds of world (flat or normal) and is not flammable. It is generally not used as many players find it distasteful. Besides being distastseful, dirt is important because without it, Eden would just be rock covered in one grass layer. Users use dirt mostly to fix accidental holes made in dirt that they want to be fixed.


  • The texture for dirt is found on the bottom of grass, weeds, and flower blocks.
  • In a flat world, when digging down, there are 16 dirt block layers before you hit stone.
  • Dirt was one of the first blocks ever created in Eden.
  • Dirt appears in Normal and Flat worlds.
  • In Minecraft, when you place a dirt block, grass grows on it, but in Eden, grass has it's own block and does not grow on dirt.
  • The dirt block itself is a different color from the dirt texture found under the grass block. The dirt block alone is slightly lighter than the dirt under the grass block.
  • Many Edeners use these as colorful walls once they paint them with colors like yellow.
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