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==Map of Direct City ==
==Map of Direct City ==
==General infos about Direct City==
==General infos about Direct City==

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Current Version

2´2 [05/12/2013]

Update of this world on list of "Eden - World Builder" happen only like this:




Map of Direct City 

DIRECT CITY 2.1-20130506-1367861848.jpg

General infos about Direct City

DIRECT CITY is an independent city created on the game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Eden - World Builder. Brice began alone on this map in December 2010, and since September 2012 we are two builder first builder Brice and the second builder David. Go on our Facebook page to see more infos and pictures and our YouTube Channel for the latest Trailer. But here we post some special infos and news too.

DIRECT CITY is not very big, but with the inteligent system road and the highway, you can go where you want!

This city is constantly changing! UPDATE Everyday!

The Biggest Buildings

Name Information Pictures

The Orios is a big building with currently two floors. On the first Floor you can found a little Restaurant, a Cinema with 3 cinema rooms(one with a 3D+ Display) and you can found a little Bowling Center on the first Floor. On the second Floor we have a Swimminghall and a Club where you can make party.

The Orios is currenly not done.

Yerba Buena Center(Real is in San Francisco, United States)

When Apple make a Keynote in the real Yerba Buena Center we Decorate the Yerba Buena Center in Direct City like Apple the real Yerba Buena Center.
Pariser Platz(Real is in Berlin, Germany) On the Pariser Platz we have one of two Attractions the Brandenburger Tor. Also we have there the biggest McDonalds in Eden, one of the biggest Apple Stores in Eden, a Hard Rock Cafe, a Hotel, a little Tower and the American Embassy.
Emporium The Emporium is a little shopping center with a McDonalds, a i-Tel Shop, a little swimming pool and a little nice Apple Retail Store.
Palm Hotel The Palm Hotel is on the harbor. It´s a nice Looking Hotel.
Baseball Stadium The Basball Stadium is nearby the Palm Hotel.
Monster Stadium The Monster Stadium is a very very big Stadium, it´s the biggest of the two Stadiums in Direct City.
Airport The Airport has one landing and one start field. It´s only a little Airport a bigger Airport is still in work.
Apple Retail Store In Direct City we have four Apple Retail Stores. The biggest is on the Pariser Platz. The second is behind the hospital nearby the Monster Stadium. The third is in the Emporium. And the last one
McDonalds We have four McDonalds in Direct City.
The Logo with the current likes of our Facebook page Right of the logo you can see how many likes we have on Facbook.
Miami Hotel You can found the Miami Hotel at the Harbor it´s new since Version 1´7´6.
The House of the 100th The House of the 100th was built for the 100th liker of our Facebook page.

Pictures of the biggest Buildings:

Special Editions

All Special Editions of Direct city get no updates. The first Special Edition was relesed on the 21.12.2012 it was the Direct City Winter Edition 2012.

Winter Edition

The first Winter Edition was released on the 21. December 2012 with the name: Direct City Winter Edition 2012.

In the first Winter Edition was not many special buildings.

Trailer of the Winter Edition 2012:


Direct City Trailer - Winter 2012

Pictures of the Winter Edition:

Road Types


With the Highway you can drive around Direct City. The Highway is five ice Blocks wide. Under the Highway you can drive with the Underground road.

Normal Road

The Normal Road was the first Road in Direct City. With the Normal Road you can drive inside of the City. The normal road is one block wide.

Underground Road

The Underground Road proceeds under the Highway. The Underground has very many Stations.

Undercover Road

With the Undercover road you can drive around the City in the Underground. And at the station you come back to the surface. The Undercover Road is one block wide.

Air Road

You can Drive with the Air road over the other roads. The Air road is one block wide.

Version History

All Trailer of Direct City

Normal Trailer.

Trailer 1:


Direct City (Trailer 1)

New Years Trailer 2013:

More Trailer coming soon.

Special Edition Trailer.

Winter Edition 2012:


Direct City Trailer - Winter 2012

More Special Editions and Trailers coming soon.


You have a feedback or a idea what we can build in the future? Great feel free and post your feedback/idea on our Facebookpage, YouTube Channel or here on our Eden Wikia page. Or send us a message with your feedback/idea on Facebook.

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