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Version History
Winter edition


Version History

Winter edition


Version History
Winter edition

Direct City Empire is an independent city founded in December 2010 by Brice M. Later in September 2012, David Nolte joined the build team to help Brice with the construction of the city.



The Orios is a large building with two floors. On the first floor, there is a restaurant, a cinema with 3 cinema rooms (one with a 3D+ Display). The last building on the first floor is the bowling alley. On the second floor, there is a swimming pool and a nightclub.

Yerba Buena Center[]

The Yerba Buena Center is modeled off the real place in San Francisco. It is customary in Direct City to decorate the center every time Apple presents a keynote.

Pariser Platz[]

The Pariser Platz, has cool attractions such as the Brandenburger Tor, one of the biggest McDonalds in Eden, one of the biggest Apple Stores in Eden, The Hard Rock Cafe, and a Hotel & American Embassy(Which both got demolished.)


The Emporium is a massive shopping center with a McDonalds, an i-Tel Shop, a swimming pool, and a little Apple retail store inside.

Palm Hotel[]

The Palm Hotel is on the harbor. It's a nice Looking Hotel.

Baseball Stadium[]

The Baseball Stadium is nearby the Palm Hotel.

Monster Stadium[]

The Monster Stadium is a very very big Stadium, it´s the biggest of the two Stadiums in Direct City.


The Old Airport has one landing and one start field. It was only a little Airport. Thats until the New Airport(The Bigger Airport) was built which replaced the old one.

Apple Retail Store[]

In Direct City we have four Apple Retail Stores. The biggest is on the Pariser Platz. The second is behind the hospital near the Monster Stadium. The third is in the Emporium. And the last one


We have four McDonalds in Direct City.

Miami Hotel[]

You can find the Miami Hotel at the Harbor.

The House of the 100th[]

The House of the 100th was built for the 100th liker of our Facebook page.

Special Editions[]

Fan Editions[]

Santa Eulalia City Version 7[]

Main article: Santa Eulalia City Version 7

Santa Eulalia City Version 7 is a fan edited version of Direct City. The city has a Spanish theme like Ibiza. The hotel and The Hart Rock Cafe have been demolished to make way for 2 modern hotels. The hotel with only 2 floors is called the Sunshine Resort and the other hotel is called the Rainbow Resort.

Winter Edition[]


Direct City Trailer - Winter 2012

The first Winter Edition was released on the 21. December 2012 with the name: Direct City Winter Edition 2012.

In the first Winter Edition was not many special buildings.

Trailer of the Winter Edition 2012:[]


Direct City Trailer - Winter 2012

Pictures of the Winter Edition:[]


In Direct City the infrastructure is currently built with many different types of roads in an attempt to cut travel times around the city. This includes the formation of highways, tunnels, and bridges.


With the highway, you can drive around Direct City. The highway is five ice Blocks wide.


The roads in Direct City are a single block wide.


In Direct City there is an underground rail network which has many Stations all around the city.

Version History[]

Current Version[]

Please check our facebook page for the latest version.