Direct Airlines (short: DA) is the official Airline of Direct City with it's hub being Direct City international Airport. Direct AIrlines is the major Airline of eden based on it's fleet size, but only placed on rank two, behind it's codeshare partner Swissfly in general ranking.

Direct Airlines is also one of the funding members of the Swissfly alliance, the amjor air alliance in the whole eden universe.

In 2014 DA made a loss of 42 million US Dollars. This is probably caused by the financial crisis and the very high fuel prices.


The Direct AIrline Fleet consists of the following aircraft as of August 2015

Aircraft "In Service" In progress Notes
Avro RJ130 10 - All in Business only configuration
A319-100 10 - To be replaced by A320neo
A320neo 0 15 To be delivered by 2018
A330-200neo 3 7 options Deliveries start at 2014
A340-100 3 - All to be be phased out by 2015
B737-500 5 - To be replaced by A320neo
B757-200 5 - To be replaced by A330-200neo


Planes of Direct Airline can be found in the following Eden worlds:

  • Direct Airport - Hub (Direct City): 3 B757-200, 2 B737-500, 2 Avro RJ130
  • Puerto Marabella Int. Airport (Puerto Marabella): 1 A330-200
  • SWISS Airport (SWISS alpin): 1 A320, 2 Avro RJ130
  • Eden Elite Airport (Eden World Builder Elite World): 1 Avro RJ130
  • Airport Munich (AIRPORT MUNICH): A320, B737-500
  • ZRH Airport (ZRH Airport): B757-200, A340-100

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