Dark Stone


The Dark Stone Block is a block in Eden that is similar to Stone, but with a different texture and it is obviously darker. It does not spawn naturally, but in previous updates, it would spawn in caves, which were removed in v 1.6. Dark Stone is used for creating roads and rock houses


  • Dark Stone has never been naturally occurring in flat worlds, and recently, Normal worlds.
  • Dark stone is darker and has more lines than stone, giving it a more refined and fainted look. This makes it useful as an in-between block vs. regular stone and the more industrialised blocks like brick, shingles, and cobblestone.
  • The Darks Stone we have today in Eden is a different color than the once naturally occurring one and even after painting the block, you can't get the same exact color as the naturally occurring block.
  • The naturally occurring Dark Stone is a different Color Texture that you cannot make in normal gameplay. It is because it was first made in Normal Worlds and you could not spawn them until future updates.
  • Dark Stone was naturally found in caves
  • Dark Stone appeared slightly brighter in Version 1.7.

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