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Unnatural Blocks

The Crystal Block could be the least used block in Eden. They aren't actually "Crystals," but blocks with crystal designs on them. They aren't animated and can only be destroyed by pickaxe/TNT. The color ability makes these blocks a nice touch, though as a user can have a collection of various "precious gems." Also crystals look really good when you make a giant under ground mine and place them in random spots on the walls. These blocks are mostly used for decorations in hotels or mansions. Crystals can also be colored using Painting and look like diamonds, gold, etc.


  • These blocks don't occur naturally, therefore they cannot be mined in theNormal World orFlat World.
  • The crystals serve no actual use but as a decoration for lights, caves, etc.
  • Painting these will result in having "precious gems".
  • In early Eden, this block was available in four colors, but that was replaced by the painting function in 1.5.
  • Some worlds depict these blocks as beds, when combined with plain white block (as a pillow)
  • This block is rarely used