Creations (Amusements and forms of entertainment) are essentially objects, items, or any other user-made structures in the game. They can be comprised of something as small as furniture, to as big as a city.


IMG 0994

Simple TV.

Televisions are one of the simplest of creations to make. They are simply comprised of 1 Tile block, 2 Ladder blocks, and one Wooden block. They can be made of other blocks, such as Plain blocks, Glass blocks, and Trampoline to name a few. The trampoline block can be used for speakers, and if the plain blocks are colored black, then the glass block will make it appear as a higher end or more modern Television set.

Ice Roads

IMG 0992

Ice Road.

Ice Roads are an efficent way to travel and are being used commonly among Edeners. They are usually made by digging two blocks down, and placing multiple Ice blocks, creating a road. The purpose of digging two blocks down rather than one is to save the trouble of having to place ice walls on the surface of the Grass. Ice roads are currently the fastest way to travel, until the Eden Update 2.0 when Portals will be released.

Bounce Houses

IMG 0982

Bounce House with wide opening.

Bounce Houses are very entertaining. they are made using the Trampoline block, and are usually large structures. It is best to have a large opening, so the user doesn't get stuck inside. All that is needed is the Trampoline block. These work best with a circus/theme park themed world.


A couch/bench is another very simple piece of furniture to make. they can be made of Plain, Sand, Wood, Fence etc. Blocks not commonly used are Water and Lava, because they are impractical. The couch itself is a bit larger for the Avatar, but half blocks are a possible solution to this.


IMG 1073

a "King" sized bed.

Beds are very simple, only requiring 3 to 6 blocks to make (depending on desired scale). The can be made using Plain blocks (pillow/sheets), and Sand blocks (as a blanket texture), or Trampoline blocks (for jumping on the bed). You can make them by putting 3 plain blocks, then coloring the bottom two any color you want and the uncolored top part looks as if it is a pillow.


Pools are really easy to make, all you have to do is dig down as far down as you want then fill the hole with water. You can make them indoor or outdoor. Diving boards can also be made with the pool, you can make them
IMG 0226

Pool with diving board.

by building ladder blocks as high as you want and then you build wood planks out as far as you want.


Houses are a bit more difficult to make. They are usually made of brick and wooden planks (wood trunk for cabins). They are usually larger. They are comprised of a roof, a door, windows, and a floor/carpet.
IMG 1071

A standard house.

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