</gallery><gallery type="slideshow"> South city (Country).jpg|It's the south city of country. Will have less skyscrapers then north city but it's cool. Roads and parking lots.jpg|Highway and streets being built.

Glass-Air skyscraper.jpg|It's the second building of country and took a while to do. Country is a new world which I started August 22.

The plan is to make 2 main cities divided in 2 countries in which there will be a sea in the middle. One city will be made mostly in the now update and the other will be made in the 2.0 update. There's not much done yet but I'll add stuff as time goes on.

Country for now.

BUILDING CLASSIFICATIONS: With the present low height limit, I invented my own building classification according to height for Country. See the list below:

30+ blocks: Super tall skyscraper (2). 20+ blocks: Skyscraper (1). 12+ blocks: high rise buildings (0). 6+ blocks: low rise buildings (1). 6- blocks: the rest (0).

I would like to say the any other infrastructures includings bridges and free-standing structures aren't counted in the list above but other buildings like above ground parking lots are counted.

NEW STUFF COMING SOON OR BEING WORKED ON: A metro system, Highways, Hospital, High rise, Urban park.

I'll add pictures as I build more stuff. They'll be in the slideshow.

The first version of this world isn't out yet but will be as soon as possible.

Lets hope that the game update will come out soon:)

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