Cloud blocks are blocks that can be found only on the top of Normal Worlds. Cloud blocks occur naturally at the height limit (25 blocks from the surface). Some users mistake the Cloud and Plain blocks for being different materials, when, in fact, they are identical.

Clouds do not cast a shadow, even if artificially built by the player, regardless of altitude or whether they have been painted.

These clouds, made from plain blocks, do not cast a shadow. The Tile blocks, however, do.

Clouds are always confined to lie within a 16x16 square, and these squares are the Chunks in the map data. This photo illustrates that:

Ladders have been built on each patch of Flowers, marking a square grid. Each cloud is contained within a 16x16 square boundary.


  • It is common for some Edeners to make a Ladder to the clouds and make a cloud walk or house on the clouds.
  • Clouds, for some reason, do not occur naturally on Flat Worlds.
  • Clouds normally have areas where they are 2 blocks deep. this area covers most of the cloud.
  • There is a glitch that a cloud will spawn completely black.
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