Caves were a place of interest before they were deleted in Update 1.6 that could be found in the normal world template. They were naturally spawning underground caves that could be found anywhere by digging deep. They were often used as places to build massive structures and were made of Stone and dark stone (Dark Stone is one of the blocks in 1.6 not deleted and replaced by the painting option in 1.5). Caves could be toggled on or off, like everything else, in the settings. They also had narrow openings to other caves. The average height range of these caves was about 26 blocks high, and they would, like the rest of the world, keep generating until you got bored.

Caves sometimes have bumpy bedrock.


Panoramic view of a cave in "Video game museum with additions" from 2013 Feb 11th


  • Caves are no longer in new worlds created with Eden because of their overwhelming usage of the game engine. However, you can still find caves in older sections of popular worlds that were created prior to Eden version 1.6, including "Super Mario 64 Castle by Boa49" and any version of "Mega City Tokyo" or "Video Game Museum".
  • Caves took up a large amount of data on Eden, and were removed to decrease lag.
  • Natural generation of Dark Stone was removed along with caves.

A huge cave that contains stone and dark stone.

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