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1´6´3 30.11.12.jpg|Direct City 1´6´3(release was on the 30.11.12)
1´6´3 30.11.12.jpg|Direct City 1´6´3(release was on the 30.11.12)
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Direct City

DIRECT CITY is an independent city created on the game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Eden - World Builder.Brice began alone on this map since December 2010, and since September 2012 We are two builder first builder Brice and the second builder David. Go on our Facebook page to see more infos and pictures and our ZouTube Channel for the latest Trailer. But here we post some special infos and news too.

DIRECT CITY is not very big, but with the inteligent system road and the hightway, you can go where you want!

This city is constantly changing! UPDATE Everyday!

Update of this world on list of "Eden - World Builder" happen only like this:




Under the text you can see the newest photos with the newest version name.

This Winter comes Direct Citys first special World it´s a snow Biome and the name is: "Direct City Winter Edition 2012". The release of the Winter Edition is on the 21. December 2012.

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