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Ramps used as shingles/roof.

Ramps are sometimes called triangle blocks. These blocks are hard to get used to, but are quite easy to use (if annoying) when you figure it out. Ramps are commonly used for roofs, hills, slides, and walkways.

Basic Guide[]

Types of Ramps[]

How To Use[]

  • The slope of the block will almost always face the direction you face.
  • If you have two of its sides (which are adjacent), it will come out sideways.
  • Ramps cannot be placed upside down.


  • The most used Ramp is probably the Ice Ramp. This is because of it's acceleration ability that is easy to build roller coasters with.
  • Ramps are commonly used for paths, roofs, hills, slides, and walkways.
  • If you walk a little bit up a ramp and stop, sometimes you begin to slide backwards.
  • There are only 4 ramps as of now, not a Ramp for each block. More Ramps may be added in future updates to the game.
  • Occassionally, a Ramp will disappear because of a glitch. The sides will be visible, but the block can be walked through and can't be destroyed. An example is the Minas Tirith World, where, at the top, you can (unintentionally) go behind the scenes.
  • Ramps are a bit hard to use but worth the effort.

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