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Two creatures, Stumpy and Moof

Creatures are several non-playable characters in Eden - World Builder that were introduced in Update 1.7. You can do many things with creatures such as destroying, burning, catching or painting them.

Types of Creatures[]

There are currently seven different creatures in Eden. Five are non-aggressive and two are aggressive. The non-aggressive creatures are Stumpy, Moof, Nergle, Lunbar, and Batty. The aggressive creatures are Charger and Stalker.

How to Catch a Creature[]

To capture a creature, you must have the highlighted icon on the block icon. Then, you can tap on a creature to capture it. It will instantly replace the block you were using before with a plain block with the creature, Moof (cow-like creature), inside regardless of what creature you captured. When you open you block inventory screen, the creature in the plain block will be in the place of the plain block. To release the creature, simply select the plain block with the creature in it and tap where you want it to go. This is extremely helpful if you want to make zoos and jails with the creatures.


  • Creatures can be captured and placed where ever the user wishes.
  • Creatures can pass through each other, but if the user walks into a creature, the creature will be pushed.
  • Creatures can't swim, but rather float on the surface of the water.
  • If a creature is on an Ice slide and you are coming at them very fast, you just go through them when you hit them. In some cases they just disappear
  • Creatures are supposed to be able to climb ladders, but a bug prevents them from doing so.
  • If a non-aggressive creature is in an agitated state, they will become passive again after a short amount of time, or when new parts of the world are loaded.
  • Creatures cannot walk through Doors.
  • Creatures do not move when standing on Ice blocks. It is unknown whether this is a glitch or not.
  • When a creature is set on Fire, it will run to the nearest source of water, if there is no water, it will run at a random direction until it explodes.
  • If you light a creature on fire and then place water close to it, it will not go to the water to extinguish itself
  • A creature will explode after being hit five times with a pickaxe, lava, or TNT.
  • When a creature is hit, there is a chance it will become aggressive towards the player and Bite You And Eat You.
  • A creature is healed when it is captured by the player.
  • When burned on water, the creature is healed.


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