The Hotel Normandy and the Casino's majestic water-covered property.


The chandelier and the many floors within the Casino of Eden


The front of the Casino, adorned with many flags and a 2-D and 3-D sign saying "Welcome to the Casino of Eden".

The Casino of Eden with Hotel was an amazing world created in 2012 by Noah Kotzin.


First Floor- Parking, Color Spectrum Exhibit, Movie Theater, Restaurant, Restrooms

Second Floor- Planetarium, Study Desks, Rest Area, Parking, Back Entrance

Third Floor- Kitchen, Slot Machines, Parking

Fourth Floor- Rest Area, Glass Waterfall, Apartment, Access to Hogwarts Dance Club

Fifth Floor- Main Entrance, Lobby, Hotel Lobby, Amusement Park (indoors), Parking Garage Exit

Sixth Floor- Television and Couches, Conference Table, Hotel Floor Two

Seventh Floor- Dance Floor, Poker Table, Spin Machine, Stage Level (auditorium)

Eighth Floor- Pool, Auditorium Level Two, Conference Table, Overlook Room

Ninth Floor- Couches, Bar with Fridge, Box Seating (auditorium)


Surrounding the Casino of Eden are the Hogwarts Dance Club, an exclusive club for dancers ages 20 and up; a major highway (in construction) and of course; the opulent Hotel Normandy.

Misconceptions and Unknown Facts

  • The first floor is one block above bedrock level, not at ground level. The main entrance is on the fifth floor.
  • Even though the auditorium is not very tall, it actually is three floors high.
  • The parking garage has eight floors, which do not completely coincide with the Casino floors.
  • The hotel has only eight rooms and three floors.
  • The secret hallway from the Hogwarts Dance Club to the Casino emerges through the floor of the dance club and goes to the fourth floor of the Casino.
  • The fourth floor, right below ground level, has the highest ceiling.
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