First, let me be clear on why I'm going through such efforts to break Brandon's scheme. I love Eden and I would love to have a site where I can be active and talk about Eden. I, however, am not okay with being manipulated. The wiki cannot function correctly when Brandon has multiple accounts and is practically running the wiki based on his own ideas (especially since at least one of the accounts is an admin on the wiki). He probably used his other accounts to vote himself to be an admin.

So, for those who care about the integrity of the wiki, please read on:

Evidence supporting multiple accounts being Brandon follows. Please note that, individually, any of these points could be argued against. However, I want you to put them all together into one puzzle and see if, after you realize they're all true, that it would make sense for Brandon to be Dblcut and Bnm.

1. Talking style.

Because I have spoken with Brandon as much as I have, I have become used to his very unique way of speaking. He has a certain speaking style that includes a specific grammar level, specific word choice, specific word syntax, specific use of capital letters, specific activity behavior, and many other factors. It is important to note that I haven't ever seen another person in my life speak in this way or, frankly, even remotely close. Brandon's style is extremely unique. I noticed when I came to this wiki a few other people that match his speaking style... Dblcut matches his speaking style EXACTLY. Everything from word choice, grammar, and everything else fits unbelievably much so. I've also seen that Bnm seems to speak the same way as well. So I'll start by looking more closely at Dblcut and Bnm.

2. Some Mistakes In Conversations.

I have had many conversations on this Wiki here with Dblcut and Bnm. Technically, the rule of thumb is, if the person's story ever contradicts itself or if the story ever changes, the person is lying. So some observations (and you can read these yourself unless Dblcut deletes the conversations, in which case my statement is backed up completely, right?) First, he has said he doesn't even know Brandon. But that changed when he told me a lot of information about Brandon. He also admitted that he might BE Brandon, but then quickly went back to saying "he just said that to make me leave". He also stated in the chat at one point that "everyone would hate him if he admitted being Brandon". Would he say this if he weren't Brandon? I also look at how much he seemed to care about me taking down his site again (and how excited he was when the site was back up) despite that he seemed to have no connection to the site previously. Odd behavior.

3. Bnm's Name.

Okay, it may sound silly, but... there's a pretty good chance Bnm stands for Brandon n____ McCammit. People often do use their initials when they make accounts. This account was old.

4. Known Scheming by Brandon.

Brandon has been known to use multiple accounts before, especially on Facebook. He has used accounts that he pretends are his "real life friends" (would work well, right?) I've already been suspicious numerous times on his past accounts. And let's be real, I'm rarely ever suspicious of people doing these things because people don't usually do it. Is all my suspicion a coincidence? This shows that it is likely that this other evidence isn't simply a coincidence.

5. Bnm's DragonVale Connection.

Interestingly, Bnm also came from DragonVale as Brandon did. This may not seem surprising, but add it to all the other evidence.

6. IP Troubles.

Brandon McCammit used to be on a site I run for Dragon City. While he was on my site, his IP addresses were logged to my site. I offered Dblcut a chance to prove who he is by going to an IP site like and show me a picture of the results, and I would then see if the IP matches with those listed on my site for Brandon. He wouldn't do it because he said he's scared I would hack him. But, yet, he comes as a guest (he told me it was him as a guest) with his IP shown and he said: here's my IP. Well, turns out it was a fake IP (Proxy or VPN). When I clearly told him my only intention was to see if he was really Brandon, does it make much sense that I would hack him? Probably not.

7. Dblcut's Defense of BNM.

Upon labeling Bnm as Brandon, it is interesting that Dblcut is the one defending him so profusely. Wouldn't Bnm be defending himself? I also, in the chat, made a bunch of attacks toward Brandon himself (not toward Dblcut and Bnm), and interestingly, Dblcut defended HIMSELF even though I wasn't talking to him! Oops!

8. Bnm's Adminship

Both Bnm and Brandon are admins on Eden-Central. Again, this may not seem surprising, but add it to all the other evidence.

9. Brandon's Fear

A while back, Brandon and I had a slight argument on my site (DCC). It resulted in me temporarily taking down his site with the intention that he would speak with me and we could resolve the problem and get the site back up. But what really happened? He blocked me and left for 6 months. He did use other accounts to tell me that he fears me. Well, truth is, Brandon is really sensitive and has panic attacks. He has always used other accounts to hide and block his fear. This explains why Brandon might use these other accounts on the wiki.

10. Brandon's Power Hunger

Did you ever wonder why the wiki is so focused on staff positions? Brandon is a power-hungry person. How do you gain power? By being multiple people. He has proceeded to take over the wiki by making many accounts to use to back himself up and, ultimately, become admin. Observe Dblcut's behavior to validate the power hungriness and see if it matches my description of Brandon.

11. Coding?

It turns out, based on a post Dblcut made about making an iOS app, that both he and Brandon can also code (somewhat). Fascinating, too...

12. Other IP Issues

At one point, Dblcut, in the chat, gave me his IP address that turned out to be a fake IP of sorts. Then, later, he posted a message as Bnm which used that same IP. I wonder why his IP that ha gave matched Bnm's IP? Hm.

13. Weird Hate?

Apparently Bnm hates Dblcut as he said, and likes Brandon a lot. But then why are Dblcut and Bnm working together so profusely to attack me? Why are they totally friends if they hate each other? Bnm stated he hates Dblcut numerous times. Odd!

14. The Zach Phenomenon

A long time ago, Brandon told me he had a real life friend named Zach. This Zach also loved Eden and worked on Eden-Central with him. Is it a coincidence that Dblcut is named Zach? Do you think this account was originally intended to be Brandon's real life friend, but Brandon realized he couldn't keep using his Brandon account due to fear, and decided to pretend to be Zach instead?

15. The Legal Threat

When I threatened Dblcut with a lawyer, he sure seemed scared by it. Though, now, he ended by telling me I'm just "all talk" in attempt to convince himself I'm lying. But why would he care so much if he wasn't Brandon? He probably wouldn't.

16. BNM, IP, and Chat

I was in the chat with both Dblcut and Bnm and offered: if you both provide me your IP (as a picture) to prove that you're both using different accounts, that will help your case. But it seems Bnm used Dblcut's exact argument with a few word modifications as an excuse to why he can't give my IP (again knowing IP is logged in this wiki and people can see it anyway under certain conditions).

17. The Aspie Factor

During a conversation I had with Brandon in the past, I had come to the conclusion that, despite Brandon not having been officially diagnosed as such, he is an Aspie (One with Asperger's Syndrome). This is an interesting point to make in this post because one common trend among Aspies of Brandon's age is they like to scheme, manipulate, and make multiple accounts. I can speak for this accurately not only in that I've seen lots of Aspies, been friends with them, and researched them heavily, but also because I am one. And indeed, when I was his age, I did the same thing. I made many accounts and acted exactly how he acts. I even told him before - we're so similar. I think we could understand each other well, so I'm not sure why he tries to become enemies with me. But use this as more proof that all of this other evidence probably isn't a coincidence. The sensitivity, the fear, the accounts, the speaking style... it's all Aspie-related.

18. Regarding Chat Mechanics

I noticed that whenever I go into the chat, no chat history is shown. Chat history is flushed out so that once you enter the chat you cannot see previous messages in the chat (messages remain in the system for a small amount of time before being flushed, though). I went into the chat and asked Dblcut a message (he was in the chat) and Bnm was not in the chat. After some time, Bnm came in and answered my question. Two problems: 1) How did BNM know I asked Dblcut this question so that he could come in with perfect timing and answer it? 2) Assuming he had lucky timing to come in (coincidence) how could he read the question I asked given that it would have been flushed out? More odd behavior!

Points Against His Defenses

1. One point of defense involves various pictures put up on the internet. I find these points to be invalid because anyone can put up fake pictures on the internet. This isn't sufficient proof.

2. He tells me he was in the chat with BNM, Brandon, and Dblcut all at the same time. Though, he has yet to actually prove that. And it is still easily possible using multiple machines or browsers.

3. He tells me he, Dblcut3, is proven to be Zach and not Brandon because his dad is a famous coach and I can find him in the paper. And that proves what, exactly?

4. He tells me he's Zach because he has a mom. And that proves what, exactly?

5. Bnm says that having the same talking style as Dblcut doesn't mean anything. Does it when you consider that I've talked to thousands of people and not a single person ever matched those styles, and then, coincidentally, the only two people who do match also have many other pieces of evidence supporting them being the same? I think not.

6. He says Wikia disconnects if you use it from another browser. First of all, not true if you're using different accounts. Second of all, he failed to address the fact that he could have used multiple machines (which he has access to).

Notes About My Intution

My intuition, with use of all these points I made, tells me that Brandon is Dblcut and likely Bnm as well. But I should let you know that my intuition holds credibility - it is not the case that I am often paranoid in this nature. Strangely, every time I've become suspicious of a particular person, a huge amount of evidence also existed supporting my intuition. In this case, my evidence is listed in the above 17 points. Please read them and put the puzzle together.

Conclusion: Some of these points may easily be able to be argued against. But don't look at each point individually. Realize that all of these together seem to show that these three people: Bnm and Brandon and Dblcut3, are the same person. Again, I go through such lengths to stop this scheme because the integrity of the wiki is ruined as a result. We need to make some major changes to get this wiki going again, and this scheme needs to end.

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