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Three block sizes from left to right: Large, Normal, Small

The ability to change the size of a block is a feature coming in the 2.0 Update of Eden. This feature gives the user the ability to change the three dimentional size of a block. A Normal Block size is 1x1x1, so the small block is 1/2 that size (so eight small blocks stacked in a cube is equal to on normal sized block), and the The Large block is 2x2x2, or 2 times the size of a normal block (So eight normal blocks stacked together in a cube is equal to one large block). Half-blocks are blocks that have a demention of 2x2x1, meaning that they have the same dimensions of a normal block, except their height is half as large (four small blocks are stacked in a square is equal to on half block. From versions 1.0-1.7, the normal block size was the only size that the user could use (excluding the ramp blocks) and the normal block is still the standard unit for the entire game. These block sizes are just an option the user can choose for decoration or creating a structure faster, larger, or smaller.


  • It is unknown how this feature will be controlled by the user, but it is known that the Camera, Save & Quit, Home, and Save buttons will have their own menu.
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