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|Row 4 title = First Appearance:
|Row 4 title = First Appearance:
|Row 4 info = Version 1.0
|Row 4 info = Version 1.0
|Row 5 title =
|Row 5 title = #of blocks
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|Row 5 info =
|Row 6 title =
|Row 6 title =

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Block Selector
The Selector in the 2.0 menu

Special Feature:

Allows selection to build structures





First Appearance:

Version 1.0

#of blocks

The Block Selector is another vital tool in Eden. It enables the user to select from 28 blocks, and access to the Save button, Warp Home button, Camera, and Save and Exit button.


  • In the 2.0 update the save button, warp home button, camera and exit button will have their own menu. This is to make room for 6 new blocks and the size change button.
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