Big Brother House AU is a replica of the House seen on the TV show Big Brother: Australia. It was created by Ryantherunner. As of October 1, 2014, it has been updated 258 times. The Exterior of the House is made mostly of wood planks colored in the third shade of gray. The average roof height is six blocks, and the tallest point of the house is seventeen blocks high. The world also contains an auditorium.

The Backyard

The Backyard an open air area inside the House. It the the first area seen when entering, and contains the entry/exit stairs. In the center of the backyard is the pool, with a small "island" in it. This is called "The Fish Bowl". Also in The Backyard, is a Gym, a treehouse, and spa.  

The Foyer and Lounge Room

The Foyer and Lounge Room is the area imediately seen when entering the main house. It contains stairs to The Diary Room, The enterance to the Power Room and Untilies Room, as well as the Lounge Room. The floor is mainly carpet (Sand) and Tile.

The Diary Room

The Diary Room is the only area of the House on the second story (Exept for Camera Run). It contains a Golden, Winged chair. It is decorated to look like the sky using light blue crystal block.

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