is a naturally occurring block that appears at the farthest down you can go underground. It is not placeable or even destroyable, and is hit when you dig down to the bottom of any map. It can only be removed by either hacking or buying a mod pack off the internet (which it itself is a hack). People also create underground cities, using the bedrock as a floor or street. Some Edeners have even cleared out a big space of bedrock and built a skyscraper from bedrock to the Eden height limit, aside from creating the skyscraper on the grass and having it be not as tall. One can create portal-creating device (not the type that will be introduced in V 2.0) to fall to the absolute bottom of the map (tens of block units below bedrock) and end up falling from the sky over the contraption. With some practice, the user may even fall above other places than the area of the device. This is not a hack or modification, for it is a glitch that may not function anymore due to updates. If one already constructed such a device before circa V 1.6, the device will function indefinitely, unless destroyed.- A Wikia contributor


  • In normal worlds, there is one never ending layer of bedrock, and one layer that mixes with stone.
  • In flat worlds, there is only one (solid) layer of bedrock.
  • Before Caves were removed, bedrock would not be entirely flat, instead, it would be jagged.
  • With hacks, you can remove Bedrock.
  • If the user pulls off a certain glitch, they can see the underside of this block is empy/blank.
  • As of now, bedrock is the only block immune to TNT, but in 2.0, Steel will also be one of the two immune-to-TNT blocks.
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