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Natural Blocks

The Bedrock Block is naturally occurring and appears in both Normal Worlds and Flat Worlds. Bedrock is rocky in appearance and is a gray/black color by default. The location of Bedrock is at the farthest possible depth in the World, 25 blocks from ground level. Ari Ronen created the block to act as a border between the void and the world. Bedrock is not place-able or even destructible with TNT. Vuenctools has the ability to remove the entire bedrock layer. This provides builders with an increased height limit. Utilizing this, builders are able to produce buildings one block taller than normal.

Natural generation[]


Bedrock-Natural generation1

A screenshot of bedrock at the bottom of the world

Bedrock-Natural generation2

A screenshot of a hole dug to bedrock in a flat world measuring 32 blocks deep

Before 1.6[]

Bedrock-Natural generation-Pre1

A screenshot of double layered bedrock in a world generated before version 1.6

Building examples[]

Many people use Bedrock to create underground cities using it as a floor or street.

Bedrock-Building examples1

A city using Bedrock for the floor


  • Vuenctools is able to place Bedrock in the world, including turning an entire world into it!
    Bedrock World

    A screenshot of a world completely turned to Bedrock!

  • Before Caves were removed, bedrock would be in different layers, as opposed to a single layer, as it is now.
  • Bedrock is one of only three blocks in Eden that cannot be placed in-game, the others being Weeds and Air.
  • There is a glitch where sometimes Bedrock doesn't spawn, allowing the player to jump into the void.
  • It is one of three blocks being immune to TNT, the other being Steel and Treasure Crystals

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