It was originally named "Gladiator Arena by Babblecat", because that was the 1st feature of the world. A few versions later, it was renamed "Babblecat City". Navigating through the world is simple. There is one central road that leads to almost all of the features in the world. A lot of the things in it are from television shows, such as Cheers and Firefly. It first made it onto the popular list on April 2, 2014.
Babblecat City V18

A map of Babblecat City at V18


This is a model of Serenity, the ship from the popular television series, Firefly. The model is based exactly off of the ship, both on the interior and the exterior. 

The Gladiator Arena

The gladiator arena was the first feature ever made of Babblecat City. It was originally just a simple indoor arena, similar to what one would find at a "Medieval Times". It consisted of a sand floor, a pathway leading underneath the sand, a tunnel on the left, and an unfinished tunnel on the right. Later on, in the Optimization version, the arena was changed, and made much better than it had been before.


The biome area originally began as a survival course. Instructions had been written underneath the world, telling the player how to play the survival game. Later on, it was changed to a biome area, as much of it was already biome-like.

Apocalypse Biome

This was the first biome, and was started when the survival game was still going on. The player begins in a little shack, and is able to go underneath the ground to an "apocalypse shelter". The shelter has been converted into an entrance to a slide that goes to each of the biomes, making it easier to access them.

Snow Biome

Before it was changed into a biome area, the rivers in the snow biome were made out of lava, but colored blue. The snow biome was greatly inspired by The Gray, as you can obviously see if you have ever entered it. A crashed plane can be seen as you walk into the area. 

Desert Biome

The desert biome is a small room, and very simple. It has sand floors and a light blue ceiling with depictions of clouds. Some cacti can be seen.

Hell Biome

The hell biome took a couple days to build, with the help of Bnm, the creator of "Retro", which has placed high on the popular list. 


The house is an exact replica of Babblecat's real house. The backyard and garage are also part of the replica. Babblecat's room is the one to the immediate left on the top floor.


The villa is also a replica of a real house. Is is the replica of a vacation house in North Carolina. The basement to this house though, is not exact, as the real house has the basement blocked off so people can not go inside. The model is just a rough guess as to what it may look like. The exterior is also not what the real house looks like. The villa was built from the inside-out, so the interior looks much nicer than the exterior.


The forest took a while to build, and remained incomplete for multiple versions. The river that meanders through the forest contains a hidden tunnel that leads to a hidden Easter egg of a room modeled after a scene in the iOS version of the game "Dead Space".

Dragon's Lair

The dragon's lair is inside of the forest. At the entrance, there is a long hallway leading to the cavern containing the dragon. Once you enter the cavern, the dragon can be seen, curled around its piles of gold.


The sarlacc is from a scene in The Return of the Jedi. It is a relatively simple feature, containing only the sarlacc and the ship that hovered over the sarlacc.


The sarlacc

Mayan Temple

This feature could probably be included with the description of the sarlacc, as it is also very small, and is built in the same small area that contains the sarlacc. The mayan temple is a small structure, and contains no interior.

Small House with a Pool

This was the only other feature that was featured in the first upload of "Gladiator Arena". When it was originally uploaded, the house was not complete, and consisted only of the front side of the house.

Cheers Bar

The Cheers bar is based off of the popular sit-com television show, Cheers. It contains the main room, where the bar is held, a backroom consisting of a pool table, two bathrooms, an office, and a closet. The bar is based exactly off of the show, but the building on top of it is not. The building is based off of the original Cheers in Boston.

Small City Block

The Grand Palace

Amusement Park

Police Station

The police station is small, and consists of two floors, both containing 6 cells each. Each of the cells have a bed and a toilet. A few of them contain creatures.



The hospital contains most of the rooms of a real hospital. Beginning on the first floor, you can see a lobby,  waiting area, and an ER. Moving onto the second floor, a CAT scan can be seen, as well as some offices. The third floor contains a few operating rooms, and guest rooms. Finally, the fourth floor contains a cafeteria, pharmacy, and a nursing room. A helicopter landing pad can be seen once on the roof.


Version History

Gladiator Arena by Babblecat

Half of house

Gladiator Arena by Babblecat v2

Started on road
Bus stop
Finished house and pool-started on basement
Finished arena
Simple subway system (to arena

Gladiator Arena by Babblecat v3

Parking area
Small lakes and river
Office building
Finished basement
Most of amusement park

Gladiator Arena by Babblecat v4

Police station
Finished amusement park

Gladiator Arena by Babblecat v5

Started survival area
Added lamps
Started forest
Basketball court

Gladiator Arena by Babblecat v6

Started apocalypse biome

Gladiator Arena by Babblecat v7

Mayan temple

Gladiator Arena by Babblecat v8


Gladiator Arena by Babblecat v9


Gladiator Arena by Babblecat v10

The house

Gladiator Arena by Babblecat v11

Dragon's lair

Gladiator Arena by Babblecat v12


Babblecat City V13

A building in the city block

​Babblecat City V14

2 more buildings
Grand Palace

​Babblecat City V15 Hospital


​Babblecat City V16 Serenity Firefly


​Babblecat City V17'1 Optimization

Finished apocalypse biome
Added snow biome
Edited arena
Finished forest

​Babblecat City V17'2 Optimization

Changed surivival area to biome area

​Babblecat City V 18'1 Biomes

Desert biome
Hell biome
Changed biome entrance
Added ice slide in biomes


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