Arkrandia is a small country with two cities. It's full name is "The Citizen's Monocracy of Arkrandia"

Arkrandian Flag

Arkrandian Flag


  • A Fountain
  • A Pond
  • A Park



  • Many houses
  • A Resteraunt
  • A Church
  • The Arkrandian Democratic Government Building
  • Arkrandian Mining Co. Center
  • A Stop
  • A General store
  • Office Buildings
  • V Tower
  • Amrian public library
  • Public Transportation Center


  • Public Transportation Center
  • A house
  • A castle


Travel in Arkrandia uses a cannon. To use it you place a wood block at the beginning part then burn it. Without moving your joystick, you should end up in your destination city.



  • Due to the towns' size, Arkrandian citizens rarely use vehicles.
  • This country has no relations with any others
  • Stone is the most widely used building material with the Roads, Government Building, Church, Public Transportation Centers, and V Tower using it. The most likely reason is because the mining center has a huge surplus of stone.
  • The Amrian public library is the first building to address the town's name instead of the country's.