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A Series of Unfortunate Events, by Noah Kotzin, is an accurate Eden representation of the settings in the movie of the same title. It was based off of the popular Luxury Villas world. Other worlds by the creator are Middle-earth, Casino of Eden by Noah, and Elven Valley.

Books and Movie

The Bad Beginning

Depictions from the first book/first part of movie include Count Olaf's house, complete with tower, Justice Strauss's home, and the remains of the Baudelaire Mansion.

The Reptile Room

The mansion of Dr. Montgomery Montgomery is the main focus of the story. It includes the Reptile Room, bedrooms belonging to Stephano, Violet, Klaus, Sunny, and of course, Dr. Montgomery Montgomery. It has two bathrooms, a library, a sitting room, and a kitchen/dining room.

The Wide Window

Josephine Anwhistle's home is where the action happens in the Wide Window. The house, suspended above Lake Lachrymose, is complete with the Wide Window and Josephine's "shrine" to Ike, her husband.

Just Books

The Miserable Mill

The Lucky Smells Lumbermill was built in V7 complete with bathrooms, Sir's office, a saw going outside, and beds on the second floor. An outside path leads to Dr. Orwell's office which includes "Shirley"'s desk and an optical test room.

The Austere Academy

Prufrock Preparatory School was made, including the administration building, the Orphan Shack, and a building including the cafeteria, the gym, and the theatre/stage. Added onto that building in V10 were classrooms and the special housing of students with a parent signature.

The Ersatz Elevator

667 Dark Avenue contains the Ersatz Elevator with a tunnel to the Baudelaire mansion. Café Salmonella and Veblen Hall's loading dock are reachable by the parking lot of the building next to 667 Dark Ave.

667 Dark Avenue (Note)

Since the world was made from an already-created world, 667 Dark Avenue was already created initially. Violet, Sunny and Klaus do not have individual bedrooms (can be added, but difficult), and the Ersatz Elevator was added on. Due to height limit the building only has six floors, but Esmé and Jerome's penthouse still exists. To access the Ersatz Elevator you need to be on the top floor (not the roof).

The Vile Village

As of now, the Vile Village will be on hold as I need to re-read the book. It should be released very soon.

The Hostile Hospital

Nothing currently.

The Carnivorous Carnival

Nothing currently.

The Slippery Slope

Nothing currently.

The Grim Grotto

Nothing currently.

The Penultimate Peril

Nothing currently.

The End

Nothing currently.

A Note about Cannons

All cannons are meant to be used for twenty seconds. At the end of the Austere Academy there are cannons toward the city - follow the arrows. When reaching the city there is an ice path- take it to the city.

Version Features Date Released
V1 The Baudelaire Mansion was constructed and painted. June 28, 2013
V2 Count Olaf's house was built and designed. June 28, 2013
V3 Justice Strauss's house was added. June 28, 2013
V4 The mansion of Montgomery Montgomery was completed and a cannon was added next to Justice Strauss's house to transport to the mansion. June 29, 2013
V5 Curdled Cave, Lake Lachrymose, Josephine's home, and a cannon near Montgomery Montgomery's mansion were built. June 30, 2013
V6 The village of Lake Lachrymose was built around the cannon near Josephine's home, and minor edits were made to Olaf's house. July 2, 2013
V7 The Lucky Smells Lumbermill was built. July 4, 2013
V8 Dr. Orwell's office was made. July 4, 2013
V9 Prufrock Preparatory School was constructed with three buildings (Orphan Shack, Administration, Gym/Café/Theatre). July 5, 2013
V10 Added to the combo building were dormitories and classrooms. July 6, 2013
V11 Veblen Hall, Café Salmonella, 667 Dark Ave (edited), a tunnel to the Baudelaire Mansion, and the Marvelous Marriage Performing tent were completed. July 7, 2013